Talent Acquisition Cloud (Formally Taleo) Product Road Map Summary - Release 17

Have you heard about the latest release of Talent Acquisition Cloud (Formally Taleo)? If not, GNC has taking all the leg work out of researching the new features and what impact this will have on your organization.  Click to below to see the excited new Re-Design offer in Release 17.0

Configuring an Activity Guide in PeopleSoft 9.2

Activity Guides provide users with a list of tasks that need to be completed for a specific process, such as the on-boarding of a new employee or benefits enrollment. Activity Guides were made available with PeopleTools version 8.53. Oracle delivered several activity guides in PeopleSoft HCM and provided the tools for customers to modify the delivered activity guides, as well as create new activity guides. This blog discusses how to create a new Activity Guide. The example used in this blog is a very simple 3-step Activity Guide containing 2 pages and a query. No technical customizations were needed for this Activity Guide.


Some Features in Hyperion Planning

On to the blog content, Hyperion Planning has some neat features for end users in Accounting and Finance. Too much to mention so, listed are some of the key new features.


Calculating Trailing Twelve Month in BSO Essbase

Preparing budgets for the following year. Many clients wants to see their business as a rolling twelve months during any point in time within the year.


Creating Alerts Using the Events and Notification Framework

Have you ever wanted to have an automated email sent to employees or managers to remind them to take an action in PeopleSoft? This is one of the many features provided by the Events and Notification Framework.


Utilizing Book and Batch Functionality in Reporting

Have you ever wish of wanting to group a set of Hyperion FR reports and, merging them into one book to mimic an operational book. Well, you can leverage the book functionality within Hyperion workspace. Even though FR reports are being used, the content to create the book sits within workspace.


How to Create a Simple Pagelet in PeopleSoft and Add it to a Homepage

Did you know that a simple pagelet can be created and added to a homepage in PeopleSoft without using Application Designer or getting assistance from a PeopleSoft Developer? It’s true…and it’s easy! This blog will take you step-by-step on how to do this. The example used in this blog is to create a pagelet containing a link to a timesheet and put this new pagelet on the employee’s homepage.