GNC is focused on providing the best ongoing management and support to our client’s business system and infrastructure. GNC offers the following managed services:

Application Support

Handle all installing, upgrading, networking, and maintaining of programs.

Interface Management

Monitoring and supporting inbound and outbound interfaces, troubleshooting issues or errors, and validation of results. 

Configuration Management

Manage acquisitions, solution development, organization redesign, and mergers.

Change Control Management

Manage all requested changes to business systems. Including changes to programs, interfaces, configurations, reports and security.

Upgrade Management

Provide extensive upgrade knowledge and experience to deliver the best upgrade methodologies.

Infrastructure Management

Manage the systems, network, capacity, environmental and overall service operations.

Report Development

Provide reports with various levels of detail including: status reports, dashboards, and progress charts.

IT Support Functions

Help desk, call center, training, and upgrades.