Strategy and Governance

  • Set-up the foundation for strategic planning ad governance to allow IT to be better aligned and responsive to business needs
  • Identify common strategic drivers
  • Evaluate new opportunities and recommend strategies for augmenting short and long term initiatives
  • Facilitate long term strategic planning activities
  • Develop high level strategies in the design of IT roadmap
  • Define direct link between strategies and supporting initiatives and projects; project alignment to strategic initiatives
  • Align IT spending and assets with business strategy
  • Implement homogenous, transparent, overarching schema
  • Develop governance processes
  • Introduce key metrics to drive overall performance against strategies and goals
  • Raise profile of IT through communication – capture success consistently

Performance and Measurements

  • Work across the organization to ensure integration of initiatives and measurable targets
  • Set-up reports with various level of detail for differing audiences: scorecards, status reports, progress charts, dashboards, etc.

Process Design and Optimization

  • Analysis to create solutions for complex business problems including conceptual design map
  • Perform industry analysis
  • Develop business processes for analytics architecture
  • Identify gaps in technology capabilities
  • Lead continuous improvement efforts to enhance processes, tools, and capabilities
  • Analysis of technical architecture against defined future business vision
  • Identify and coordinate new efficiency and functional opportunities to grow and enhance the value from technology
  • Provide consulting on process management including design, documentation, tools, metrics, and methodologies
  • Provide principles and standards for process documentation, design, measurements, and reporting
  • Evaluate processes and provide recommendation for improvement
  • Develop Client/Business Liaison Program

Change Management

  • Coach and develop change management specific to the activities underway including:
    • Mergers
    • Acquisitions
    • Solution development
    • Implementations
    • Organization redesign
  • Develop change management methodologies specific to the activities required for a successful delivery

IT Risk

  • Reduce IT Risk by ensuring that the appropriate framework exists and aligned with relevant standards
  • Risk Assessment and identification
  • Consult on risk mitigation plan
  • Develop risk management, communication, and monitoring plans

Why Us?

  • Passion
    • Bring great level of energy and enthusiasm to all undertakings
    • Only work on meaningful efforts that add value
  • Communication
    • Employ candid conversations which are essential in reaching long term goals and finding solutions to perennial problems
    • Present ideas in business friendly and user friendly language
  • Skills
    • Experience working with teams to identify and address issues related to strategy, frame key decisions, and facilitate prioritization of initiatives
    • Combined skills of sharp analysis and business judgment
    • Proven process management knowledge including process engineering and continuous process improvement
    • Understanding of emerging technology trends and how it impacts the overall service management support and delivery processes
  • Tools
    • Using methodologies and frameworks as desirable including CoBIT, Six Sigma, CMMI, PMI, ITIL, etc.
    • Refine frameworks and customize to suit your circumstances